Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some arty things on my mind

This is really great. A Banksy popped up in Park City. Clever bugger. Speculation is that one of the suprise Film Festival films will be about him, more over here.

Also locally, definitely check out the show up in the Gittins gallery right now, the art gallery connected to the Art and Art History building up at the U. The exhibit, Invisible Logic, is one of the best student art shows I've seen at the U. It contains the work of 9 students from both the Art and Engineering departments, who collaborated on some really impressive kinetic objects and living art pieces incorporating circuits, drawing robots, lasers, and multimedia of all kinds. Overall the aesthetic and presentation style is very rough and low key, which plays off the technically advanced objects rather well. There is a clever whimsy to the show that I really appreciate.

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Alex H Johnstone said...

fellow epidemic collaborator Josh Bross has a piece in the show. I need to go check it out!