Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pastry Cat goes Underground!

Our own Esther Meroño did a nice write up on the Pastry Cat for SLUG Magazine, featuring a pic and a quote from yours truly. Thanks Esther! I really like the comparison between Krisha's description and Patricks :)


Esther said...

Thanks for posting this Davey, I think you're my biggest fan :P

quakers said...

wicked. now that schools done with I'll have to finally stop ditching out on these.

I really really like your helmet.
how and where might a lady find such a fashionable piece of necessity?

Davey D said...

Well, I got my first one at Decades, and they closed, then I got my second at Disorderly House, and they closed, so.... :)

I think Guthries might carry them. They're made by Bern and I really like 'em. About $50.

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