Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alexander and Chris, at it again....

Ok, so not only did Chris Ginzton of the Dada Factory decide to place first in the Expert Category at this year's Sundance Downhill competition, Al of the Dada Factory decided to film an excellent coverage of the race, using a different racer's run for each step along the course and brilliantly editing them all together into a cool feature THE SAME NIGHT HE SHOT IT! The bar sure is high around here. Really freakin' high :).

Well done both. I've got some footage lying around that Chris and I shot a month ago, guess how much I've edited? You've got it! Zilch. I suck at life compared to these over-achievers, but I wouldn't have it any other way :).


Alex H Johnstone said...

:D Yeah, that was a quick edit. The 48 hour film project has gone to my head.

Change the title to 'alexander and christopher', cos it's funnier.

Tom said...

I have to second your feelings. I am getting more and more worried that this summer is not going to do any favors for my self-esteem.

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