Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yves Klein Lives

For a while now, I've been working on a paper about the amazing Yves Klein. Today I presented my research.

First: an 8 minute lecture on the artist's life, work, criticism.

I then quickly dashed outside and bid the class to follow.

Then, the reading of a manifesto I edited together from Klein's journals, followed by a leap into the void. I was attempting to levitate off the balcony:

Pretty close, eh?

Thanks to Anna for the lovely Photos.


Elaine said...

kick ass! i'm so happy you have photographic evidence of this event :)

jonfen said...

Glad you didn't get hurt ;)

Manda said...

What class was this for? I was wondering why you were dressed up that day :) Well done Davey! I have to admire your guts and innovation (well, actually psuedo-innovation, lol!)for a presentation like this. Not just in the act of jumping, but doing something different yet so direct. Truly admirable. I knew I should have gone nude for my primitivism presentation...:)

Davey D said...

Thanks Amanda! It was really great/fun. I'm in an Honors Capstone Course called Creative Visual Communication, it's a fun one, we do lots of random stuff and pass it off as education. On the first day of class one of the two instructors was like 'the only thing I want you to get out of this class is to behave more like a 4 year old.' Great.

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