Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dada Party!

We're at it again! A fantabulous art party to kick off your springtime, right in the heart of the March Gallery Stroll. Come one come all, at The Dada Factory, 930s. Rio Grande St. Bring the hotness.

Installation and Music By Austin McBride
(His badass new bedroom designed and executed by Ryan Manning with Austin's help)
Film and Performance by Davey Davis
(Excerpts from Senior Thesis journalism piece on local art featuring the work of Jann Haworth, Cein Watson, and Maggie Willis)
Stunts and Awesomeness by Chris Ginzton
(Yeah. He will.)
Music, Zaniness, and Insouciance by Alex Haworth
(He really doesn't give a damn about you. It's amazing)
Drawings by Brian Butler
Music by Luke Williams

There will be paint, and naked people. Someone will jump off the roof. There really will be an appearance by the 337 Art Truck (If we can figure out how to fit it in the back yard)!

BE THERE ALL NITE! I'm planning on heading home around 8:30 and onward we go.


Tom said...

Oh hells yes.

Paul Funyun said...

I'm in.

_Salty_Jazz said...

I didn't know Al's last name until I saw the poster. Seriously.

Tom said...

I had forgotten that I used to be confused by the subterfuge that is his facebook page.

Tom said...

Scratch that, I'm still mildly confused, but I get the feeling I'm supposed to be.

Davey D said...

yeah, dude has like 8 last names, so it's no surprise.

Haworth's his 'art' name ;)

Elaine said...

yay! i'm going to be in utah at 8:20 pm that evening, followed by asher and our friend drew at 11:20. i'm stoked!

Davey D said...

YAY! I can't believe you can come. so cool!

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