Friday, April 4, 2008

Tomorrow is the Demo!

We predict 2000 people in a screaming, roaring, seething mass! Show up Saturday morning 9-2 for some good ol' destructive fun! It should be an all out party and madness is guaranteed for all.

For more background see our previous post here.

The number was just ballparked by Adam, he reckoned close to 2000 throughout the day. I don't know where he got his figures but the number of people who showed up for the opening was crazily beyond anyone's expectations, and it was publicized the same way (word of mouth, story in tribune, KUER and city weekly coverage). I don't know if there's music, but there will be barbecuing and general joviality. It'd be great to see you and any aimless friends you can conjure up on a saturday morning.

I heard this really great short documentary piece on the radio, definitely worth a listen if you want a little more information about the building.

The building is closed forever, and frankly, if you didn't get a chance to see it back in may it's become a very different experience. Some of the work has been removed, defaced, faded, or just plain molded in the last year. Power's been off to the building, so it's quite... orgainic and haunted. Pretty neat, but I hesitate to compare it to what the building was like a year ago.

This isn't a total loss, however, because I really believe the demolition and subsequent energy coming from it is just as important an artistic step for the project and the city.

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