Tuesday, April 8, 2008

337 Destruction Footage

Our footage on youtube... enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering, do you keep up with the BFC events? I never seem to know when they are going on. I just realized the event that is going this Sunday. If you could post them to the upcoming SaltCycle website, which links to Saltcycle, I would be grateful:


If you want to do an additional write up any time about the BFC, feel free to do so.

If you aren't into the BFC, but know someone who could help post events to SaltCycle for it, then please drop a line.

I got it covered for this Sunday...

The Gorbott said...

in regards to the 337 follow-up show, i am interested to see how it turns out. i considered submitting work or a proposal for work, but i was a little swamped with personal projects going on at the time and i also felt like they were looking for more installation based work over traditional work which is what i had/have been exploring. but i am not sure. that is where most of my interest in the art center show lies: to see what it ends up being. sampling what some of the contributors have been exploring since the 337 project is an interesting concept but it does seem a little limited in scope in my mind, because it is exclusive to some contributors, not all. however, that limitation may be what makes it interesting. at the building itself there was so much liberty in what was created it was almost hard, for me, to fix my focus on executing just one or two ideas. but also, as a result of so much freedom, i think a lot of really great work came out. because people could work on scales they generally didn't work in or whatever, i think it brought out a lot of really interesting dialog. i think my hesitations/reservations about the art center show will be that it may end up a stronger reflection of the curator's impressions of 337 as opposed to the participating artist's experience as a contributor. but i do intend to see the show once it opens.
and thanks, by the way, on your comments/compliments.