Friday, February 17, 2012

The best kind of procrastination

This morning I watched this:

And then I watched this:

And then I wrote this:

Dear President Obama,
I would suggest balancing subsidies between existing energy mainstays, like coal and other fossil fuels, with the research into more sustainable solutions. Don't quietly fight the big lobbyists, expose their intentions to undermine your campaign and keep the political field a game for their interests.

I learned recently that wind energy has created more jobs than coal has lost in the last 20 years, something to the tune of 40,000 jobs. This is without subsidies, which currently pit wind energy against a vastly unfair market in terms of both long-term investor security and spending clout.

As you come up on your second term, I realize your priorities center around your ability to get back into the White House. The correct way to insure this, and to get more done in your remaining time as president, is to vocally advocate for real solutions and dispel myths, rather than hedge, capitulate, and stay silent. We need a strong president, one that will innovate, call out disinformation about the correlation between business-as-usual and job creation, and realistically steer the american people. 

Thanks for your time,
Davey Davis

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