Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Copenhagen's Bikes through North American eyes

If you're a city planner, cycling advocate, cultural enthusiast, or other liberal commie socialist, you've probably often wished you could just drag your backward-minded opposition to Europe and point around. "See, dammit! Things work great here!" Here's one such little film from Streetfilms:

Granted, the people in the video are already for cycling in the United States, but seeing workable examples certainly strengthens your case.


Luke Williams said...

What a great video! I never knew any of this about Copenhagen. I love that bike riding is integrated into elementary schools, almost like a driver's ed for eight year olds.

I was thinking as I watched that I'd have a hard time riding with that many people so close to me all the time. It would feel claustrophobic, but that's only because I'm used to having tons of space. If you grew up riding in close quarters like that, you'd get good at it really fast.

Davey D said...

Yeah, it's amazing how intuitive and fish-like it becomes, but the best part is, like you say, everyone knows what they're doing! That means from the bikes to the busses everyone's aware that there'll be these little human-sized objects flitting around, so nobody gets run over by surprise.

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