Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Luke's Show, Luke Sez

My dear buddy Luke Williams has some news!:

"Hi friends,

This Thursday is going to be a really big show for Matteo. We're going to be playing some new stuff that we're really excited about, including one song that I wrote.

This is also a big show for me personally, as I'll be playing a pretty large set of exclusively new stuff (post-ancient eyes EP). So, new stuff! yeah! good job luke!

Here's the info:

2/18/10 @ Kilby Court, 7:00, $6. The set order will be: Luke Williams, Matteo, The Archer's Apple.
You can listen to the Matteo EP here: www.myspace.com/chinesematteomusic"

I'll be there!


Alex H Johnstone said...

you should use, like, quotation marks...

Davey D said...

I was going to come and say "aww, shaddup!" But then I realized that's actually a pretty good idea.