Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Foreign Alleycat, Paris '09

Paris 2009
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Well kids, I'm still alive, a world's passed in front of me, and I have yet to slow down to record it all. But this picture sums a lot of it up. I'm in Paris, having been connived into a non-stop overnight race from Amsterdam to here that took 30 hours and the fiber of my being. A few days later I've completed my first foreign alleycat in this spiral of a city, roundabouts and crazy traffic and one way streets. I was in the bottom 5th, place-wise, but I'm stoked. It was the most confusing thing ever, and the directions were in french, which I don't read, so C'est la vie! Check out some of Zach's other pictures to get a feel for the event, and I'll hopefully have some time to crack up a story or two soon!


Morgan "ARR!" Allen said...

Whats up next? There is the European Bike Polo Championships the first weekend in August and the TriCMC (Swiss, German, French Cycle Messengers Championship) the following weekend in Basal.

Elaine said...

fun!! good to hear from you :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You Davey, even though racing a foreign Alleycat was something you probably wanted to do yourself.